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2020 China (Shenzhen) International Prefabricated Building Industry Exhibition & International Green Building Materials Exhibition

Industry: Building Materials
Host Country: China Host City: Shenzhen
Hall Name: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Time: 2020/07/09 ~ 2020/07/11

2020 China (Shenzhen) International Prefabricated Building Industry Exhibition & International Green Building Materials Exhibition

China International Assembly Building Industrial Exhibition Shenzhen International Green Building Materials Exhibition

Organizations support the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China Organizer of the National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China Organizer of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Shenzhen Municipal People's Government State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission Shenzhen Planning and Natural Resources Bureau Shenzhen Housing and Construction Bureau Shenzhen Land and Real Estate Trading Center Supporting Unit China Real Estate Association China Architectural Association Asian Architects Association China Construction Industry Association Guangdong Real Estate Industry Association Organizer Guangdong Reed Exhibitions Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Invitation card:
Shenzhen, as the "Shenzhen speed" in the construction field, is a miracle in the history of urban construction in the world. It is also a pioneer city of prefabricated buildings. After years of accumulation and sedimentation, the "Shenzhen model" for the development of prefabricated buildings in the new era has continued to deepen prefabricated buildings. (Building industrialization) in-depth, integrated development.
"2020 China (Shenzhen) International Prefabricated Building Industry Exhibition" (CIGBI for short) is an important theme exhibition of the "47th China (Shenzhen) International Real Estate Industry Expo." To further connect wisdom at home and abroad, consolidate the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Wisdom, discuss the development trend of the new stage of prefabricated buildings, promote the deep integration of industrialization, and thoroughly implement the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan of Prefabricated Buildings of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development," "Prefabricated Building Model City Management Measures," "Prefabricated Buildings" Administrative Measures for Construction Industry Bases, "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" for the Development of the Construction Industry, "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province on Vigorously Developing Prefabricated Buildings", "Special Planning for Prefabricated Building Development in Shenzhen (2018-2020)" With the spirit of the document, follow the policy direction, promote the supply-side structural reform of the construction industry, create a "one-stop" procurement information platform for new real estate projects, and become an annual, centralized procurement event for the upstream and downstream industrial chain of real estate development.
Due to its large scale, high grade, strong commerciality, and remarkable results, the exhibition has been hailed as a "vane and booster to lead the development of the industry", to help "exhibitors" new products, to quickly develop new projects for grounded products, and to strengthen exhibitors. The cooperation between buyers and users is also the first platform for "Exhibitors" to promote products, exchange experiences, promote cooperation, common development, demonstrate achievements, and show strength.
& ﹟ 160; & ﹟ 160; & ﹟ 160; & ﹟ 160; here! We look forward to bringing you an elite team, a beautiful image and high-tech products to display, because we have everything for you, business opportunities are waiting for you!

exhibition criteria:

Prefabricated buildings-national and provincial prefabricated concrete building industrial bases, precast columns, embedded parts and accessories, key connection technologies and process engineering methods of precast concrete structure-related companies;

Precast component production circulation system and equipment production process control system, concrete distribution shuttle, distribution machine, steel bar laying robot, fully automatic steel mesh welding production line, fully automatic steel bar straightening and cutting machine, CNC steel bar bending center, etc.

Prefabricated building-design scheme design, preliminary design and construction drawing design, component deepening design, design software, AEC software, building information model (BIM), data processing system, prefabricated building-steel structure is actively promoting the construction of steel structures, etc.

Prefabricated buildings-all kinds of environmentally-friendly wooden buildings, prefabricated wooden houses, bamboo structures, wood structure materials, wood structure production and processing equipment, wood protection agents, wood-plastic landscape profiles, wood structure building design consulting and related Industry products, etc.

Prefabricated light steel house and various integrated houses Light steel house, steel-wood structure, aluminum-wood structure, steel-aluminum structure, steel-concrete structure, etc .; all-aluminum villa, sun room, tent, tree house, RV, cabin, mobile Toilet, sentry box, camping house, container house, combination house, folding house, modular house, heterosexual house, 3D printed house, tree house, dome integrated house, etc.

Prefabricated fully-furnished and interior-fitted prefabricated bathrooms, kitchens, whole houses, whole storage spaces, filling and separation systems, raised floors, drainage on the same floor, household appliances, sanitary ware, supporting equipment, whole house smart home systems, wood Plastic decoration materials, OSB plates, decoration materials and products, suitable aging design and related integrated technologies and parts.

Prefabricated building pipelines Prefabricated pipelines, prefabricated fire pipes, prefabricated water supply pipes, prefabricated construction plastic pipes, prefabricated seismic supports, prefabricated machine room designs, prefabricated ground source heat pump machine rooms, machine room auxiliary machine modules, bracket series, Power tools, etc.

Green building materials parts systemEnergy-saving door and window system, curtain wall shading system, architectural coating, wallpaper, wall tile, floor tile, floor, staircase, ceiling, ceiling system, various hardware accessories, intelligent building intelligent home and Internet of things technology integration application, exterior wall standing New materials, building environmental protection coatings, exterior wall imitation stone series solutions, envelope structures, thermal insulation, shading systems, indoor environment and health & new air and air purification systems, renewable energy applications in green buildings,

New green building materials and their supporting applications, heating and air conditioning & heat pump system solutions, BIM technology in the green building field, green real estate design theory and practice, green lighting systems and their implementation solutions, residential industrialization & 3D module building Technology, energy-saving design and operation of large public buildings, eco-environmental protection and green space innovative design, green construction technology and classic case demonstrations, sharing of existing building energy-saving renovation cases, passive building technology application and innovation, new structural technology systems and their practices, etc .;
Lead industry trends and explore future development!

Dialogue Developer Series: Developer 5000+
Talk to a series of real estate developer activities and continue to pay attention to the current hot topics in the real estate industry, from the development trends of the real estate industry, the innovation of parts and components, and the application in prefabricated buildings, such as: energy saving, water saving, land saving, and material saving , Time saving, environmental protection, intelligence, information and other in-depth integration, and explore corresponding solutions. At the same time, a platform for exhibiting enterprises and real estate developers to directly recommend products, exchange experiences, promote cooperation, showcase achievements, common development, and effectiveness will be established.

Dialogue with the technical elite series: Technology Big Coffee 3000+
The CIGBI Dialogue Technology Elite series of activities aims to "lead the technology development trend of China's prefabricated construction industry". Through detailed explanations and case studies, it deeply understands and discusses prefabricated construction and technological innovation at home and abroad. A learning and communication platform created by technical researchers. CIGBI has always followed the industry's hotspots and the industry's top technology development trends, and invited heavyweight experts in the industry as guest speakers. It has become a recognized hall-level technology exchange and learning platform for the assembled construction industry.

Dialogue Designer Series: Big Coffee 5000+
With the implementation and implementation of the lifetime responsibility system in the construction industry, architects will have a greater say in the selection and use of building materials in the future. The selection of building parts and building materials will also be confirmed at the building design stage. Therefore, Designers have gradually become an important sales channel that construction and building materials enterprises must attach importance to and develop. The annual dialogue Architect / Designer series invites top architectural design agencies and designers from domestic and overseas to gather, focus on the hot topics of the Chinese construction industry, and provide more intelligent thinking and solutions for the future sustainable development of the Chinese construction industry. The plan, at the same time, set up an optimal communication and cooperation platform for exhibitors and designers.

Concurrent activities:
● 2020 The 4th China Construction 4.0 International Innovation Forum and the Belt and Road National Business Exchange Conference ● 2020 The 4th Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Construction Development Summit Forum ● 2020 The 4th China Green Building Expert Forum ● 2020 The 4th China Assembly Construction Forum and Industry Modernization Technology Seminar ● The 4th China BIM Technology Application and Construction Industrialization Summit Forum in 2020 ● The 4th Real Estate Through Train Event in 2020 (Real Estate Purchase Matching Conference)
● 2020 New Age Real Estate Product Integration Development Summit Forum

Address of the Secretariat of the Organizing Committee: Room 1825-1828, West Building, K Building, Kehui Jingu, 99 Science Avenue, Science City, Guangzhou Contact: Huang Peipei 181 2276 4299 Qq: 3167 9816 15
National unified service hotline: 400-1066-178
Fax: 020-8251 9917
Email: 3169781615 (at)
Government official website:
Government Website:
Official Website:

Exhibition publisher information;
Unit: Guangdong Reed Exhibitions Huabo Exhibition Co., Ltd. 营业执照已上传
Name: Miss Huang <br> Phone: 13809280559
This information is published by the exhibition company itself, and the authenticity of the content is the responsibility of the publisher.

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