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  • General parts ( welding of valve pump filtering equipment , hydraulic equipment and parts of cutting equipment )
  • Industry-specific equipment ( special equipment for other industries, conveying equipment, machine tool crushing equipment, cleaning and cleaning equipment )

  • Chemical industry
  • Polymers ( natural and synthetic resin film-forming materials, other polymers )
  • Chemical preparations ( food additives, chemical reagents, coatings, solvents, synthetic materials, additives, surfactants )
  • Adhesives and inks ( synthetic adhesives, construction adhesives, natural adhesives, inks )
  • Petrochemical industry ( industrial lubricants (fat) petroleum products adsorbent petroleum fuel vehicle lubricants )
  • Comprehensive chemical industry ( other chemical products, biochemicals, alcoholic carboxylic acid derivatives, chemical machinery )

  • clothing
  • Ready-to-wear ( Tops, Underwear, Skirts, Suits, Trousers )
  • Gloves ( work gloves apparel gloves sports gloves )
  • Hat ( sports cap, fashion cap, life cap, professional cap )
  • Clothing ( other clothing socks belt scarf glasses and accessories )
  • Clothing accessories and equipment ( clothing accessories, clothing display props, clothing processing equipment, ironing and washing equipment )

  • Shoemaking
  • Finished shoes ( sports shoes other shoes work shoes functional shoes children's shoes )
  • Shoe materials and shoe parts ( shoe materials, chemical shoe accessories, soles, shoe plates )
  • Shoemaking equipment ( shoemaking machinery )

  • Luggage
  • Luggage ( Luggage )

  • Textile
  • Textile raw and auxiliary materials ( natural textile raw materials chemical fiber textile auxiliary yarn yarn textile waste )
  • Fabrics ( blended, interwoven fabrics, knitted fabrics, woolen fabrics, silk fabrics )
  • Textiles ( Other textiles, non-wovens, industrial fabrics, grey fabrics )
  • Textile machinery ( textile equipment and equipment )
  • Leather ( leather synthetic leather, artificial leather, leather processing equipment, raw leather )

  • coating
  • Coating materials ( pigment filler, coating additive, film-forming substance, coating, solvent resin, raw material )
  • Finished coatings ( architectural coatings coatings, other automotive coatings, ship coatings, coatings production equipment )
  • Surface treatment ( coating equipment thermal spraying pre-treatment liquid pre-treatment equipment )
  • Electroless plating ( Vapor deposition, electroplating consumables, electroplating equipment, electroplating main salt )

  • Rubber
  • Rubber and plastic products ( plastic, rubber products, plastic plates, plastic tubes, tires, plastic, other )
  • Rubber and plastic raw materials ( engineering plastic plastic machinery general plastic foam plastic synthetic rubber )

  • food
  • Food and beverage ( food, beverage processing equipment, meat, wine, pulp, powder, puree and other foods )

  • agriculture
  • Agriculture ( agricultural machinery seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, food, agricultural appliances )
  • Forestry ( greening seedlings, flowers, gardening appliances, fresh plants, plant growth regulators )
  • Animal Husbandry ( Livestock Feed Additive Feed Animal Medicine Animal Extract )
  • Sideline ( special animal and vegetable oil for animal and vegetable processing industry )
  • Fishery ( fresh aquatic products, fishery machinery )

  • Hardware
  • Mechanical hardware ( bearing mold fasteners, connector seal tools, fixtures )
  • Hardware accessories ( hardware accessories gas welding, gas cutting equipment, abrasives )
  • Construction daily hardware ( locks and accessories door and window hardware )
  • Hand tools ( hardware other brush wrench knife pliers )
  • Power tools ( cutting power tools, grinding, polishing, power tools, assembly, power tools )
  • Pneumatic tools ( pneumatic tools )
  • Weighing instrument ( standard instrument for weighing instrument )

  • Furniture
  • Furniture ( office furniture hotel furniture living room furniture dining room furniture bedroom furniture )

  • Home
  • Kitchen supplies ( tableware kitchen facilities kitchenware cookware kitchen textiles )
  • Daily necessities ( household products, other bathing facilities and accessories, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, towels )
  • Beauty care ( skin chemicals personal care appliances beauty body equipment cosmetics raw materials and OEM / ODM makeup chemicals )
  • Hotel Supplies ( Hotel Room Supplies Sauna, Foot Bath Equipment Luggage Cart Hotel Lobby Supplies Catering Equipment )

  • Home textiles
  • Home textiles ( textiles for bedding, blankets, curtains )

  • electronic
  • Electronics ( sensors, other electronic products, integrated circuit, experimental instrument, device connector )

  • electric
  • Electrical equipment ( generators, generator sets, low-voltage electrical switches, power distribution and transmission equipment motors )
  • Industrial electrical ( industrial control system and equipment power inverter control equipment and accessories electric heating equipment )
  • Electrical and other electrical appliances ( Other electrical products, tooling equipment, resistance materials, waste electronic appliances )

  • meter
  • Instrumentation ( special instrumentation instrument electrician and automation instrument analysis instrument electronic measurement instrument optical instrument )

  • illumination
  • Electric light source ( gas discharge lamp, cold light source, incandescent lamp )
  • Luminaires ( special purpose lamps, outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, flashlight indicators )
  • Lighting accessories, materials ( electric light source materials for lighting accessories )

  • Craft
  • Crafts ( souvenirs other crafts, gift crafts / gift packaging ceramic crafts sculptures, carving crafts )

  • toy
  • Toys ( recreation facilities educational toys other toys adult toys model toys )

  • accessories
  • Jewelry

  • Building materials
  • Building materials ( other building materials, pipes, metal building materials, doors and floors )
  • Jiantao Sanitary Ware ( Hardware, Hardware, Ceramics, Building Ceramic Products, Faucets )
  • HVAC refrigeration ( HVAC refrigeration pipe system boiler fan, exhaust equipment floor heating )
  • Real estate ( Commercial air-conditioning for contracted mobile homes, real estate projects, community leisure facilities )

  • engineering
  • Construction Machinery ( Construction and Construction Machinery, Pavement Machinery, Concrete Mixing Machinery, Excavation Machinery, Engineering Drilling Machinery and Roadheader )

  • IT
  • Computers and accessories ( computers and their hardware products mouse, keyboard monitor / display card driver )
  • Digital Products and Accessories ( Digital Products and Accessories Mobile PC )
  • Office equipment ( cultural office equipment printer )
  • Network equipment and accessories ( network equipment, accessories, integrated wiring products, network engineering discs, disk information security equipment )
  • Software ( management software tools software other special software teaching software games entertainment software )
  • Peripheral products and other ( peripheral supplies card management system industrial control computer products stand-alone multi-user system computer card reader )

  • print
  • Printing ( printing machinery, printing services, printing auxiliary materials, post- press processing equipment, printing machinery special accessories )

  • package
  • Packaging ( packaging machinery packaging materials plastic packaging products tape paper packaging products )

  • Paper industry
  • Paper ( packaging paper, office paper, household paper, other uses, paper, paper making and processing machinery )

  • Office
  • Office Supplies ( Other Office Supplies Office Supplies Other Stationery Accessories Learning Stationery Books, Books, Books )

  • energy
  • Energy ( crude oil solar products natural gas renewable energy coal products )

  • metallurgy
  • Metallurgy ( non-ferrous metal alloy metal mesh non-ferrous metal processing materials non-metallic mineral waste metal )
  • Equipment ( mine construction equipment, coal mine equipment, beneficiation equipment , geological survey equipment, mining handling equipment )

  • Steel
  • Iron and steel ( stainless steel ordinary steel sheet special steel steel structure )

  • Auto parts
  • Automotive ( Commercial Vehicles and Other Passenger Vehicles )
  • Auto parts ( engine body and accessories, headlights, travel accessories, brake system )
  • Car supplies ( car safety supplies, car decoration, interior supplies, car decoration, exterior supplies, car audio and video car modification )
  • Car repair and maintenance ( Protective care products Car maintenance tools Car repair equipment Car maintenance equipment Car inspection equipment )
  • Motorcycles and accessories ( motorcycle and motorcycle accessories and accessories, vehicle related products, electric motorcycle clothing and protective gear )

  • Appliances
  • Home appliances, small appliances, audio and video ( kitchen appliances, multimedia equipment and products, home appliances, household appliances, household air conditioners , small appliances )
  • Audio lighting ( stage lighting equipment, stage equipment, dimming equipment, musical instrument, professional recording and playback equipment )

  • physical education
  • Sporting Goods ( Sports Supporting Products, Sports Protective Gear, Golf Supplies, Other Stadium Facilities, Extreme Sporting Goods )
  • Tourism, outdoor products ( outdoor products, barbecue equipment, chess and cards )
  • Recreation and Leisure Products ( Other Sports and Recreation Products Fitness Equipment Pet Supplies Scooter )

  • Communication
  • Communication ( transmission and distribution equipment communication cable wired optical cable equipment public broadcasting system transmission and switching equipment )

  • Security
  • Security ( monitoring equipment and systems, other security products, anti-theft, alarm equipment and system building facilities intercom equipment )
  • Fire protection ( fire-resistant, fire-resistant materials and auxiliary products, automatic fire control equipment, rescue equipment, fire detection and alarm equipment, fire extinguishing agents )

  • traffic
  • Transportation ( lifting and handling equipment, intelligent transportation products, transportation, handling equipment, storage equipment, non-motor vehicles )

  • Environmental protection
  • Water treatment ( sewage treatment equipment, filter materials, raw water treatment equipment, energy saving equipment, water treatment chemicals )
  • Environmental protection ( air purification equipment, dust removal equipment, public environmental sanitation facilities, mist removal, oil removal equipment, noise reduction and noise reduction equipment )

  • Business
  • Business Services ( Investment Expo, Conference Consulting, Planning Logistics Services, Other Business Services )

  • ad
  • Advertising ( advertising service advertising, exhibition equipment advertising equipment advertising new technology )

  • Latest business opportunities

    Transfer of shares of Yongding Credit Cooperative

    Jin Minhou Credit Co., Ltd.

    Dr?ger PIR7000 infrared combustible gas detector

    High-priced acquisition of Jinzhangpu Rural Credit Co., Ltd.

    Dr?ger Flue Gas Analyzer

    High-priced acquisition of shares of Hui'an Rural Credit Co., Ltd.

    Yi Beilong wireless temperature and humidity transmitter

    Industrial Scientific ventis PRO5 Gas Detector

    High-priced acquisition of shares in Anxi Rural Credit Co.

    CO2 gas mine cracking equipment
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