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跨国采购网是国内领先的积分制外贸B2B网站,拥有超过130万国内供应商和70万国外买家。 * Multinational Purchasing Network is the leading domestic foreign trade B2B website with points system, with more than 1.3 million domestic suppliers and 700,000 foreign buyers.
加入跨国采购网,即可体验众多外贸推广服务(免费积分联系国外买家、建立英文站全球推广) * Join multinational procurement network, you can experience many foreign trade promotion services (free points to contact foreign buyers, establish English station global promotion)
众多会员已经在这里联系到国外买家, 查看会员评价>> * Many members have already contacted foreign buyers here, see member reviews >>
如果您是内贸企业,注册后可开通免费店铺,免费发布产品和商机,第一时间出现在各大搜索引擎。 * If you are a domestic trade enterprise, you can open a free store after registration, publish products and business opportunities for free, and appear in major search engines as soon as possible.
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推荐使用qq账号快速注册会员并登陆 * It is recommended to use qq account to quickly register members and log in

如果您已经是本网会员,请不要重复注册,如果忘记帐号/密码,可点这里找回密码* If you are already a member of this website, please do not repeat the registration. If you forget your account / password, you can click here to retrieve the password !
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