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跨国采购网是国内领先的积分制外贸信息网站,拥有超过70万国外买家和80万条买家名录。 * Multinational Purchasing Network is a leading domestic foreign trade information website with more than 700,000 foreign buyers and 800,000 buyers.
加入跨国采购网,即可体验众多海内外推广服务(免费积分、免费买家、免费推广、免费广告),马上注册! * Join the multinational purchasing network, you can experience many domestic and overseas promotion services (free points, free buyers, free promotion, free advertising), register now!
众多会员已经在这里联系到国外买家, 查看会员评价>> * Many members have already contacted foreign buyers here, see member reviews >>
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如果您已经是本网会员,请不要重复注册,如果忘记帐号/密码,可点这里找回密码* If you are already a member of this website, please do not repeat the registration. If you forget your account / password, you can click here to retrieve the password !
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